Biggest Dividend

Some High Yielding stocks

1]The iShares Lehman Aggregate Bond (AGG) exchange traded fund (ETF) mainly owns bonds of investment grade and does not contain subprime bonds. Experts are expecting more defaults on bonds through next year, but the default rate lately has hovered at or close to zero so even a jump will not significantly affect a large mix of bonds. AGG’s trailing twelve month yield (TTMY) is 4.8%.                                                                2]The Cohen & Steers Dividend Majors (DVM) ETF is built from many high yielding real estate investment trusts (REITs).these usually have high yields, yields have gone up as anything housing related wend down in stock price; they took a huge drop last year,which only increased their yield. They are recovering now and so the yield is falling;this results in a increase in the stock price. The trailing twelve month yield is 6.5%.Disadvantages of REITs are more complicated income tax paperwork,however can take larger deductions sometimes,and a rollercoaster share price ride as the housing sector reacts to every negative news story.The reits pay you however ,unlike the homebuilders which largely pay no dividends.a excellent way to play the recovery in housing market.                                                                                                                                                                        3]BlackRock Global Energy and Resources (BGR) contains high yielding energy stocks from all over the world. Oil prices may be in a bubble. But even if they are, with a yield like 8.7%, BGR could lower its dividend and still be above market rates.If oil price collapse the share price will likely go down as well.But this could be a good way to have a diversified basket of energy stocks that pay above rates offered by just buying such intergrateds as exxon which don’t have a high yield.                                                                                                                                                                                4]Templeton Emerging Markets Income (TEI) contains bonds from governments in emerging markets. These bonds are  issued by nations that are in better economic shape than the US is right now and are running budget surpluses and trade surpluses. With a yield of 9.1% it is tempting .                                                      5]Black Rock Dividend Achievers (BDV) is a fund of of high dividend stocks. It has an amazing yield of 6.9% and while its price is volatile, its yield is high and offers diversification over many stocks.                                   6]Great Northern Iron Ore (GNI) mines iron ore, in Northern Minnesota. Its 6.9% dividend seems safe with high demand for ore.the stock will trade with the steel sectors ups and downs.If you would like a alternative to stocks like Nucor or U.S. steel that pay little dividends;take a look. 7]BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust (BPT) pays you a royalty on the oil taken from a series of oil fields near Prudhoe Bay. Its yield for the past 12 months was a juicy 10.4%. As the price of oil rises, the payout increases,but also declines when oil goes down in price.The prudhoe fields are in production decline and had pipe maintainence problems,so set a stop loss on this security,and don’t plan on holding it forever since you essentially own payments on a oil well which will someday run out;Prudhoe wells were tapped in the 70s originally.                                                                                                                                                                8]Bank of America (BAC),is  the nation’s second largest bank, sub-prime and other poor investments have pounded the stock down. It’s possible that it will cut its  7.1% dividend, but it is a good chance it won’t.It did not walk away from the countrywide deal;a tell?. Recovery in the stock price may take a year or 4 yrs,but BOA will likely survive.Even if dividend were cut by 20%, , it would still yield above 5%, so you are paid to wait.                 9]Consolidated Edison (ED), which in the big apple is known as Con Ed, is a giant electric utility. It’s paying a great 5.6% yield. It is regulated, utility, so the yield is fairly safe.a conservative play 10]General Maritime Transport (GMR), is a Shipper that transports oil,” black gold” , across the seas, has a 6.9% yield. the shippers wil trade up/down depending on the maritime shipping rates which are not identical to the price of oil.Can be volatile,set a stop loss exit.                                                                     not scan the list for the highest yield security and just buy that one…spread your funds among as many as you can buy;to diversify your risk.

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